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The classes listed in red are FULL


*Please note: ALL Ballet classes are Teacher Placement only. Please contact our office to schedule an assessment.

MON 4-5pm child jazz 5-7yrs jazz 1 6-8yrs
MON 4-4:45pm baby Combo 2-3yrs
MON 5-6pm child tap 5-7yrs
MON 5-5:45pm pre-school jazz 4-5yrs pre-ballet 5-7yrs
MON 6-7pm jr. jazz 10-13yrs child hip hop 2 8-10yrs
MON 7-8pm jr/teen hip hop 11 & up tap 1-2 7-9yrs child hip hop 1 6-8yrs
MON 8-9pm adult jazz musical theater

TUES 9-9:45am baby combo 2-3yrs
TUES 10-10:45am pre-school combo 3-4yrs
TUES 4-5pm ballet 1 7-8yrs acro 2 9 & up
TUES 4:30-5:15pm pre-school combo 3-4yrs
TUES 5-6pm ballet 2 9-10yrs acro 1 6-9yrs
TUES 5:15-6pm child combo 5-6yrs
TUES 6-7pm modern 10 & up beg. teen ballet
TUES 7-8pm teen jazz
TUES 7-8:30pm ballet 3 / pointe pre pointe
TUES 8-9pm
TUES 8:30-9pm ballet 3 / stretch

WED 9-9:45am pre-school combo 3-4yrs
WED 10-10:45am pre school jazz 4-5yrs
WED 4-5pm junior ballet acro 2 stretch & con. pre-ballet 5-6yrs
WED 5-6pm jazz 2 8-9yrs acro 3 stretch & con. ballet 1 8-9yrs
WED 6-7pm junior lyrical acro 1 little ballet
WED 7-8pm adv. jazz/lyrical
WED 8-9pm adult ballet

THUR 10-10:45am pre school B/T 3-4yrs
THUR 11:15-12pm pre school B/J 3-4yrs
THUR 4-5pm petite ballet acro 3
THUR 5-6pm junior ballet acro 1-2 stretch & con.
THUR 5-5:45pm child combo 4-6yrs
THUR 6-7pm ballet 3 little ballet junior tap
THUR 7-8pm pointe jr/teen ballet jazz/hip hop 7& up
THUR 8-9pm int/adv. tap

FRI 5-6pm ballet 1-2 7-9yrs
FRI 6-7pm ballet 2 8-10yrs

SAT 10-10:45am child combo 5-6yrs
SAT 11-11:45am child jazz 5-6rs
SAT 10:30-12pm ballet 3
SAT 12:30-1:30pm junior ballet
SAT 1:30-2pm pre-beg. pointe