Every effort is made to keep Dress Rehearsal on schedule. We appreciate your patience if we should encounter any unexpected delays. 
It’s extremely important that every dancer shows up on time and is prepared to dance. This is just like a run of the show. FULL SHOW HAIR AND STAGE MAKEUP, ALL COSTUMES, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES ARE REQUIRED! 
Please enter through the front doors of theater at least 15-20 minutes BEFORE scheduled rehearsal time and sit in designated areas in audience. Dancers will be called BY CLASS to side stage when it nears their rehearsal time. Please plan ahead and arrive early to search for parking.
The instructor will call the group up by class when their rehearsal time on stage is ready. After their on stage rehearsal is finished, they will be going directly to get pictures taken in another room (parents can walk to the room but must stay outside the picture room). After pictures are done the dancer is released and you are free to go.  
ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERWEAR IS TO BE WORN UNDER ANY COSTUME. If your dancer has a hard time understanding this concept, you can compare it to wearing a swimsuit. You don’t wear underwear with a swimsuit do you? ;) Tights are required for all dancers and a nude leotard will also be required for older dancers with multiple costume changes.
For little ones, make up is optional. Since the stage lights tend to wash out their small faces and features, blush and lip stick is acceptable IF YOU CHOOSE! PLEASE DO NOT PUT MAKE UP WITH GLITTER ON YOUR DANCER!!! 

SHOW TIMES: 11AM / 2:30PM / 6PM

Call time for all dancers to arrive is 1 hour ahead of scheduled show(s). 
Please have your dancer arrive with: hair & make up complete, first costume on, and small bag with shoes and accessories. 
Make sure ALL costume and pieces are labeled with dancers name
No food or drinks allowed backstage. Water okay
Please do not send any markers or game devices backstage. We will not be responsible for lost items. We will provide activities to entertain dancers as they wait for their turn on stage. 
Follow signs around to back courtyard area for dancer drop off. Please send ONE parent for pick up in same location AFTER the show is complete. FOR THE DANCERS SAFETY, THERE WILL NOT BE IN AND OUT PRIVILEGES FROM BACKSTAGE DURING THE SHOW OR DURING INTERMISSION. In addition, dancers will not be released from the front of the stage at any time. 
Please pickup your dancer promptly after each show. Backstage will be closed between shows.  
Please tell all family and friends in attendance that there will be NO flash photography or videotaping allowed. This is very distracting to dancers onstage (especially the little ones) as well as other audience members sitting around you who may be trying to watch their star on stage as well. This is a safety matter we will take very seriously. Anyone found infraction of this request would be kindly asked to leave. If for any reason you need to exit the theater, please do so IN BETWEEN routines only. 
This theater will not allow any balloons or flowers inside. We will have a table set up in the lobby where you can leave them during the show and pick up afterwards. 
The show will be professionally video taped and available for purchase that weekend. 
NO PARENTS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING AREA OR BACKSTAGE unless they are signed up as backstage volunteer. Volunteers must remain backstage for the entire show. Volunteers will receive a separate email with instructions. 
Those who wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers should do so in the lobby or outside grass area.
REMEMBER: All recital info including lineup for each show is posted in back student lounge


  125 S. Hutchins ST Lodi, CA 95240