Show Line-ups

 June 11 - 7pm

June 12 - 7pm

PC Petite Team "My 80's" -Holly
Advanced Jazz Monday 5pm -Holly
PC "Somewhere Only We Know" -Holly
Preschool Jazz Wednesday 4pm -Hannah
Acro 2-3 Wednesday 4pm -Julianne
Acro 1-2 Wednesday 3pm -Julianne
PC Tiny Team "Icons" - Holly
Jazz 3 Tuesday 7pm -Marly
Preschool Combo Thursday 5pm -Jaclyn
Jazz 1 Thursday 4pm -Holly
Preschool Combo Monday 3pm -Holly
Ballet 1 Tuesday 5pm -Mrs. Ligioso
Pre Ballet Wednesday 4pm -Holly
Preschool Combo Wednesday 10am -Jaclyn
Ballet 1 Thursday 5pm -Holly
PC Senior Solo "Ready" -Addie
Pre Ballet Thursday 5pm -Marly
Teen Jazz Wednesday 7pm -Addie
Acro 4 Tuesday 5pm -Julianne
Baby Combo Wednesday 3:15pm -Holly
Jazz 1-2 Monday 3pm -Jillian
PC "Chez Paris" -Julianne
Preschool Jazz Monday 5pm -Becca
Hip Hop 1-2 Thursday 5:45pm -Marly
Tap 1-2 Monday 4pm -Addie
Tap 4 Monday 6pm -Addie
PC "Control 7" -Jillian
PC "Clear the Area" -Holly
Ballet 1 Tuesday 4pm -Mrs. Ligioso
PC "Let's Get Loud" -Hannah
PC "Paris is Burning" -Holly
Ballet 3 Thursday 6pm -Mrs. Ligioso
PC "Luau Cha Cha Cha" -Julianne
Preschool Combo Tuesday 6pm -Marly
Teen Hip Hop Monday 6pm -Jillian
Child Jazz Thursday 4pm -Jaclyn
PC Mini Team "Rock Around the Clock" -Lexie
Ballet 2 Thursday 7pm -Donna
Advanced Lyrical Monday 5pm -Holly
PC Preteen Team "Don't Stop Moving" -Marly

PC "Men In Black" -Holly
PC Senior Team "Mack the Knife" -Addie
Child Jazz Saturday 11am -Emma
Hip Hop Friday 6pm -Kody & Sailor
Baby Combo Tuesday 9am -Jaclyn
PC "Bridge of Light" -Marly
Tap 3 Monday 5pm -Addie
PC "Ruby Blue" -Addie
PC "I'm Still Standing" -Hannah
Jazz 2 Tuesday 5pm -Marly
PC "We Dance" -Hannah
Child Combo Wednesday 6pm -Addie
Ballet 2 Tuesday 6pm & 7pm -Donna
Teen Lyrical Monday 4pm -Jillian
Preschool Combo Friday 4pm -Hannah
Lyrical 2 Thursday 3pm -Jillian
Ballet 3 Tuesday 6pm -Mrs. Ligioso
Preschool Combo Thursday 9am -Amanda
Acro 1 Wednesday 5pm -Julianne
Acro 3 Tuesday 4pm -Julianne
Child Combo Thursday 6:45pm -Marly
Ballet 4 Tues/Thurs 7pm -Mrs. Ligioso
Child Hip Hop Friday 5pm -Hannah
Jazz 1 Wednesday 7pm -Hannah
Child Hop Hop 2 Thursday 4pm -Jillian
PC "Pick a Little Talk a Little" -Holly
Child Combo Saturday 10am -Emma
PC "Mind Control" -Julianne
Acro 2-3 Tuesday 3pm -Julianne
Preschool Combo Saturday 9am -Emma
Teen Ballet Thursday 6pm -Donna
Jazz 1-2 Wednesday 6pm -Hannah
PC "Freakshow" -Julianne
Preschool Combo Monday 6pm -Becca
PC Junior Team "Call Me" -Holly
Preschool Jazz Thursday 10am -Amanda
Child Lyrical 1 Wednesday 5pm -Hannah
Pointe Tues/Thurs 8pm -Mrs. Ligioso
PC "Good Thing Going" -Hannah
Child Jazz Tuesday 4pm -Jaclyn
PC "Whoomp" -Kody & Sailor