Tap is a percussive style of dance. Special shoes are worn by tap dancers to create various rhythms on the floor. While the rest of the body is still crucial to this art form, and general balance and grace are important, the fundamental characteristic of Tap is the sound it creates. There are different styles of this dance form, from the more classical form associated with the Rockettes, to a more modern, aggressive style called “hoofing”. Our Tap classes include tap-barre, center exercises, tap-turns both center and across the floor, and extensive rhythmic combination training. Our students will have an overall comprehension of rhythm, tap technique and terminology which will greatly enhance their coordination skills


Pointe is the most advanced form of Ballet and can therefore only be taught to and performed by the more advanced dancers. The distinguishing characteristic of this style is that the dancers perform all the steps completely on the tops of their toes, which can be painful for the performer, but appears lovely and graceful from the audience. Our Pointe class includes intensive, large amounts of barre work, ankle strengthening, center turn preparations, and patterns across the floor, both allegro and adagio combinations, and an extensive knowledge of the terminology they have learned.

hip hop


This beautiful, expressive style if often performed to slower, gentler music. It is called Lyrical because its movements are meant to tell audiences a kind of story through dance. The form combines Ballet techniques with the Jazz and Modern styles influencing the movements. An emotionally driven dance form, Lyrical depends greatly on the passion and interpretation of the performer, and not just the movements themselves. Lyrical is added to some advanced Ballet and Jazz classes

Hip-Hop is derived from an urban, “street” type of movement and is generally performed to funky, upbeat music heard on MTV and today’s radio. However, we do censor our music and in this class there will be NO vulgar music or inappropriate songs played. This style is known for fast, athletic movements and lots of popping and jolting, as opposed to the fluid balletic types of dance. Hip-Hop is extremely popular these days and can be seen virtually everywhere, from commercials to artists in concerts. Our Hip-Hop classes include extensive strength training, coordination skill exercises, flexibility activities, leaps, turns and combinations in the center to recognizable, age-appropriate music.

BABY & PRESCHOOL combo classes

Any class labeled as a Baby or Preschool combo class will integrate both Ballet and Tap dance styles for the designated amount of time. The class will offer these learned styles through fun, age appropriate songs, games, improvisation and creative play.


Students will be introduced to the disciplined training needed to acquire the strength, balance and flexibility for Acrobatic Gymnastics. The tumbling component of this class will provide essential basic tumbling techniques, focusing on individual students’ levels. It will incorporate creative and fun tumbling tricks and sequences unique to Acrobatic Gymnastics. Perhaps most importantly, athletes will learn how to work together as a unit to form amazing pyramids and tempo skills

Tots Tap & Tumbling

Any class labeled as a Tot Tap & Tumbling class will integrate both Tap dance and basic Tumbling skills for the designated amount of time. The class will offer these learned styles through fun, age appropriate songs, games, improvisation and creative play. 

Meet our NEW amazing teachers!! Miss Marly, and our hip hop teachers Kody & Sailor

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class descriptions


Ballet is the fundamental, technical form from which all other dance styles stem. All the names (derived from the French) of basic dance steps and related terminology arise from Ballet. The most classic and often serious dance form, Ballet teaches young dancers the most rudimentary terms and techniques and is monumentally important for all dancers to establish and maintain proper form. Our Ballet classes include intensive barre work, center exercises, patterns in movement across the floor, both allegro and adagio combinations and our students will be fluent in the terminology they have learned. Both Cecchetti and Vaganova methods are taught and students will have the opportunity to take graded syllabus examinations.


Jazz dance style covers perhaps the most territory of all. It encompasses a wide variety of other styles. Not to be confused with the musical genre of “Jazz”, this style of dance is not always performed to “Jazz” music, but can often use the popular music of today. Combining the basic techniques of ballet with the more modern steps found in Pop and Broadway, Jazz is an upbeat, stylish, and versatile dance form. Our Jazz classes include intensive strengthening warm ups, stretching techniques to elongate and encourage muscle strength, across the floor movements, leaps, turns and center combination work to fun and upbeat, recognizable music. Our student will have great knowledge of their terminology, a visual change in strength and flexibility, and a great appreciation for the dance form