Recital Ticket Information

Tickets for the first 4 rows will be sold at HRDC ONLY. All other tickets will be available at the following theater box office website beginning on May 6th

There are three levels of ticket prices: $30, $25, $20

All seats are reserved. We will not hold tickets over the phone or via email.

Please see the show line ups to find which show your dancer will be performing in. 

If you purchase tickets online, please be aware that the theater also charges a $4 service fee per ticket

Every body in the theater will need a ticket. This includes infants and toddlers. Regardless if they are in laps or not. This is a theater policy and out of the hands of HRDC

HRDC Office hours to purchase tickets are:
Show #1 Monday's 4-7pm
Show #2 Tuesday's 4-7pm
Show #3 Wednesday's 4-7pm
Show #4 Thursday's 4-7pm
Show  #5 Friday's    5-7pm


If you are purchasing tickets at HRDC for multiple shows, you will just need to come to the first show's ticket sale day.